Toilet paper
One in seven people check their work emails on the loo Leonard J Matthews

It appears that the toilet is a popular place to check work emails for Brits, according to a new survey.

Ahead of World Toilet Day on 19 November, quirky findings from a poll, of 1,000 UK workers by business communications company Fuze, reveals that one in seven (14%) Brits check their work emails on the toilet.

Around 6% of Brits even check work emails while in the bath.

In addition to the bathroom, the bedroom features prominently among the places that Brits like to read their office emails outside of work, with 29% of respondents claiming they do so in bed.

Another 6% confessed to browsing emails in the gym, and 4% cheekily admitted to checking their office emails even while on a date.

Commenting on the survey, Tom Pressley, senior director of worldwide marketing at Fuze, said the days of being tied to a desk are behind us with today's employees choosing to work from literally anywhere.

"While browsing emails in the bath or doing spreadsheets on a date may not be everyone's cup of tea, it does raise an important issue about the modern workforce – that businesses can't dictate how and where people do their best work."

Pressley added that to maximise productivity and keep staff motivated, businesses must provide their teams with the tools to work in whatever ways they see fit.

"Whether working at home, in a café or even on the loo, businesses must learn that 'work' is something you do, not somewhere you go."