The OnePlus' flagship smartphone, the OnePlus 2, seems to be affected with an inherent grounding issue that apparently makes the device's home button extremely unresponsive. Instead of affecting the touchscreen, the problem is limited to the capacitive home button, unlike the OnePlus One.

Folks at Android Police have even tested the flagship smartphone with the latest firmware to confirm all available bug-fixes are installed but the issue still persists. The conclusion is that it is not some software issue.

Further tests on the phone suggest that the magnesium alloy frame around its edge makes the home button very unresponsive to taps from one hand, if the other hand is accidentally touching the metal part of the frame. However, there is no such issue reported while using the phone one-handed with the device lying down flat on the table or resting on your palm.

Quite expectedly the OnePlus One does not seem to be afflicted with the touch response issue pertaining to the home button, owing to its narrow plastic band with some grippy sandstone material on the sides.

With the OnePlus team still working on a bug-fix update to address these annoying touchscreen issues, one might just try using the optional on-screen buttons to substitute the home button completely. However, such a move could hamper any chances of saving the screen space on the smartphone.

[Source: OnePlus forums]