Audio mods for OnePlus 3
Several audio mods are available for OnePlus 3 smartphone OnePlus

You can now enjoy a collection of audio mods on your new OnePlus 3 smartphone other than stock audio, thanks to folks over the XDA forum. These mods are mono surround sound, camcorder mic gain and cam mic gain plus mono surround sound.

The mono surround mod activates front earpiece speaker along with the bottom main speaker whenever the speaker mode is used – while playing music or watching movies. But this will not affect your incoming notifications as this is altogether a different setting.

The mono surround sound mod, on the other hand, plays all audio through one channel. If you want to increase the microphone gain for the audio recorded through the camcorder, consider using the camcorder mic gain.

The camcorder mic fix uses a different microphone path to record audio for the camcorder. The camcorder disable NS mod is the latest release for fixing noise suppression on video recordings. It also increases the mic gain by 12db on CyanogenMod and switches to stereo recording.

To install these mods, you need to have a rooted OnePlus 3 running CyanogenMod with TWRP recovery. Flashing these mods is pretty easy, all you need to do is install through TWRP recovery, as you would do for any other ROMs or mods. Head over to the XDA development thread to know more about the audio mods.


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