As the launch date nears, OnePlus has shared more details about its 2017 flagship smartphone. This time, it is about the audio quality. The company says OnePlus 5 will offer better audio recording than its successors OnePlus 3T and 3.

OnePlus says it brought in some new hardware to optimise the audio system of OnePlus 5 to capture clearer sound. As a result of this, the microphone performs significantly better in loud environments.

"We got quite a bit of feedback from OnePlus 3 and 3T users saying they wish they could capture higher quality audio in noisy settings like concerts. So on the OnePlus 5, we made it a priority to improve audio recording," noted OnePlus co-founder Carl Pei in a blog post.

"Whether you're an audiophile or not, we think you'll appreciate the difference," added Carl. Below is a video that illustrates the audio quality difference between OnePlus 5 and 3.

Last month, the company confirmed that the OnePlus 5 will use Snapdragon 835 processor that is 35% smaller and uses 25% less power than the Snapdragon 820.

You don't have to wait too long for the new OnePlus smartphone. Last week, the company announced it will launch the OnePlus 5 on 20 June at 12pm EDT (4pm GMT). The company will also hold pop-up events to let customers be the first to purchase the smartphone.