OnePlus has now announced a headset that it will build in partnership with JBL. This announcement comes only weeks after the company announced its own pair of affordable earphones, the Silver Bullet.

Named as the JBL E1+ Earphones, this product might just be more premium when compared to the Silver Bullet. It will retail at a price of $39.99 and will be available in an aggressive red, fitting the OnePlus One's original colour scheme of red and black.

Each headset will sport a smoked-silver plate and transparent gray eartubes, which will make them rather stylish. Other features of the earphones include a flat, tangle-resistant cable, with a remote attached to it. With this, users will be able to control audio playback, take / reject calls, or even take pictures.

For those of you who like a bass-rich sound, there will be JBL's PureBass technology, which should deliver deep bass sounds, without distorting the listening experience.

According to recent reports, the company is planning to make an entry into the Indian market later this year, apart from opening up a pre-order system to sell its smartphones to people across the globe.

Via PhoneArena