The Originals season 5 premiere will feature a big moment for Klaus and Caroline fans. The Vampire Diaries star Candice King confirmed that she will appear in the, and that "Klaroline fans will be very happy".

King told US Weekly at the Paediatric Aids Foundation's A Time for Heroes 28th Annual Festival on 29 October, "They're still filming, and I may or may not be heading to Atlanta one more time. So I'm just as much in the dark as all the fans are."

Had fun playing with this hooligan over the past couple of days 🎬 Thanks for having me Originals! #onefortheKlarolineShippers

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She continued, "It's been really fun to continue that storyline, knowing how much it meant to everyone that watched the show."

While King played coy on Caroline's role in The Vampire Diaries spinoff, the 30-year-old actress did tease, "I can say that I worked a lot with Joseph Morgan. The Klaroline fans will be very happy."

Previously, King shared a photo with co-star Joseph Morgan, giving fans the first look at the much awaited Klaus and Caroline reunion on social media back in September.

"Had fun playing with this hooligan over the past couple of days. Thanks for having me Originals! #onefortheKlarolineShippers" she captioned the Instagram post.

Previously, a report in Entertainment Weekly revealed that Caroline and Klaus will cross paths in Europe after Rebekah — who is not able to visit Klaus herself due to their magical predicament — asks for Caroline's help with an intervention of sorts.

Caroline has had a history with the Mikaelson family, especially Klaus in The Vampire Diaries, with fans loving their characters' chemistry in the show.

During the series finale of The Vampire Diaries, Caroline and Alaric opened a school for gifted children, thanks to a huge donation from Klaus. Then again in The Originals season 4 finale, Klaus' daughter Hope was attending Caroline's school.

The Originals returns to The CW with its final season in 2018.