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An Orlando man was arrested when police officers mistook Krispy Kreme doughnut glaze for crystal meth.

Daniel Frederick Rushing, 64, was arrested on charges of possessing methamphetamine after being pulled over for a driving offence in December, 2015, NBC Miami reported.

When he was pulled over, police noticed a "rock like substance" on the floor of his car, according to a police report.

"I recognized, through my 11 years of training and experience as a law enforcement officer, the substance to be some sort of narcotic," an officer wrote in the report.

Two field tests were performed, which both showed the presence of amphetamines.

Rushing was arrested and strip searched, and it wasn't until a state crime laboratory performed another test weeks later that the real identity of the substance was revealed and Rushing was cleared.

"It was incredible," he told the Orlando Sentinel. "It feels scary when you haven't done anything wrong and get arrested...It's just a terrible feeling."

According to the police report Rushing insisted during his arrest that the substance was doughnut glaze. "I kept telling them, 'That's … glaze from a doughnut. … They tried to say it was crack cocaine at first, then they said, 'No, it's meth, crystal meth,'" he told the newspaper.

He is reportedly seeking damages from the city.