In a gruesome domestic attack, a man killed his wife and their two children before shooting himself. The murders took place on 17 and 18 April in the Seminole County in Orlando, Florida.

According to reports by local news channel WFTV, Henry Ramone Brown hid in the trunk of his estranged wife Chericia Brown's car while waiting for her to exit the Chili's Grill & Bar on Lake Mary Boulevard on the night of 17 April. Once she reached her vehicle, he stabbed her and got into his car, while a nurse and paramedic who happened to be at the restaurant ran outside to help.

Henry then drove his car into the group, running over his wife and two witnesses. Chericia died from her injuries, while the two others are being treated at the local hospital.

Sheriff's Office spokeswoman Heather Smith informed that the 30-year-old man then drove to an apartment, where he picked up his two children — a one-year-old girl and a four-year-old boy — and drove them to the Central Florida Regional Hospital in Sanford in search of his wife.

When the police at the hospital recognised Henry and confronted him, he pulled out a gun and started firing before driving off in a truck with the children.

By early morning of 18 April, authorities tracked the vehicle and managed to bring it to a stop using stop sticks to flatten the tyres. However, on approaching to truck, they found the man and children dead inside.

According to court documents, Henry had a history of domestic violence and Chericia had filed for an injunction against him in January after he threatened to "personally kill her" if she tried to take his children away from him.

"You won't even know it," he told her, according to court documents.

A domestic violence report was also filed in December 2015 after Chericia told the police that her husband had held her by her hair and slammed her head into a wall. He also tried to shove a sock down her throat. Altamonte Springs Police Department did not arrest Henry for lack of consistent evidence. "Due to the fact that (the victim) will not be returning to the home and has not returned in 48 hours, the fear of further violence does not exist," the report had said.