Forensic investigators claim that Oscar Pistorius dressed girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp's body after fatally shooting her following a violent struggle. In their book, Oscar vs The Truth, brothers Thomas and Calvin Mollett sensationally claim the gunshot wounds on Reeva's clothes did not match up with the injuries on her body, adding that the blood splattered bathroom indicated a violent altercation occurred between the lovers.

Pistorius admitted to gunning down his law graduate girlfriend on Valentine's Day in 2013, as she cowered in the toilet of the apartment, however he maintains that he had mistaken Reeva for an intruder.

After a year-long probe, the South African investigators concluded that the paralympian must have dressed her after he killed her. The Mollett brothers also claimed that the two were involved in a heated argument that turned violent and continued for an hour, before Pistorius murdered his girlfriend. They described the last moments of the model's life as "absolute hell" as she had a life and death struggle with the 29-year-old double amputee.

The shocking claims were made as CCTV footage emerged of the model wearing a black vest as she drove into Pistorius's estate. "Reeva could not have been wearing the black vest she was wearing when Oscar brought her downstairs from the bathroom after the shooting," Thomas Mollett told The Sun. "There is absolutely no sign of any hole in the vest resulting from the bullet wound to her hip – and the vest is a long one.

"There is no sign of the bullet that struck her chest. And there is very little blood on the vest and it would have been really soaked with blood if she'd been wearing it at the time of the shooting. It can only have been put on afterwards. We can't say when or why he decided to put it on her, we can only say it was certainly not worn at the time she died."

He added that the rubber handle on a cricket bat at the scene was torn and stretched, indicating a struggle, while wounds on her body matched the end of the handle of the cricket bat suggesting she had been battered with it. The former athlete claimed he used the bat to break down the door on realising that he had shot his girlfriend.

"If you look at the scene, the chaos, the evidence in totality, the damage to the doors, and the unaccounted for injuries on Reeva's body and link all that to what the neighbours heard, then you can only conclude that the last minutes of her life were absolute hell," Thomas said. "And yet Oscar was never asked about really any of this at his trial. The police took all the pictures of what had gone on, but the investigation didn't appear to look into how any of it happened. It is incredible, really."

Oscar Pistorius
Forensic investigators claim marks on the cricket bat match injuries found on Reeva Steenkamp's body South Africa Police

The Molletts have identified fundamental failings by the pathologist and police investigators and questioned why Reeva's injuries were not shown at the trial. Writing in their book, they said: "One gets the impression that police arrived on the scene and thought they had an open-and-shut case against Oscar. They knew he pulled the trigger, and had statements from the neighbours who heard a woman scream – why bother doing a proper forensic investigation".

Pistorius was originally sentenced to five years in jail by Pretoria High Court Judge Thokozile Masipafor for the culpable homicide or manslaughter of Steenkamp. He was sentenced to five years in prison and was released on probation after 10 months in October 2015 to serve the remainder of his sentence under house arrest. Pistorius now faces at least ten years behind bars after the earlier manslaughter conviction was upgraded to murder last year after an appeal by the prosecution. South Africa's Constitutional Court dismissed his bid to appeal against his murder conviction. Pistorius is due to be sentenced in June.