Outlander season 2 will deal with the aftermath of the brutal and shocking events that played out in the season finale. Repercussions of the torture and violence endured by Jamie Fraser "definitely carries forward," according to series creator and executive producer Ronald D Moore.

Outlander season 1 finale spoilers ahead

Outlander season 1 ended with the sadistic Black Jack Randall 'taking control of Jamie's body and soul' by repeatedly raping him. Even though Claire eventually manages to rescue her husband and tries to soothe his troubled mind, "The reverberations of this will echo throughout the second season in the relationship, his development as a character and how he deals with certain story points," Moore told TV Line.

Teasing some more spoilers about the fantasy drama's second season (which will move the story to Paris), Moore spoke about the overall look and treatment of the upcoming episodes.

"It's going to be a whole different tone, a whole different...playing the story as much more political. We're dealing with the Jacobite Rebellion. It's much more about deception, and lies within lies, and the gossips and the surroundings of Paris. And dinner parties, and going to the court of Louis the XV — and if you know those books, there's St. Germain, and there's Master Raymond, and there's more of an occult feeling to a lot of that stuff. [Plus], she's pregnant, and he's got the aftermath of Jack Randall."

Filming for Outlander season 2 is currently underway and while fans of the books are eagerly waiting to see who will play Brianna and Roger - two important characters in the season, Moore has revealed that the roles have yet to be cast.

"Those two characters have not been cast," Moore told E! News. "It's an ongoing process. We have started shooting but we're not shooting those scenes yet, because you cross-board everything aggressively, so we have time, and it's going to take a little while."