The eagerly-awaited season 1 finale of Outlander is finally here. Titled To Ransom A Man's Soul, the episode promises to feature some very dark and disturbing moments involving Jamie and Black Jack Randall.

According to the episode's official synopsis, a risky escape attempt is engineered to free Jamie, and he's taken to a nearby monastery, where Claire attempts to nurse his mind and body back to health. The description also teases that even though Jamie is reunited with Claire, his mind lingers on the torture he endured.

Talking about the dark twists the story takes, Outlander's executive producer Ronald D Moore told Access Hollywood that the show's writers were mindful of trying to prepare fans and viewers — who haven't read the book — for what's in store.

"...We kind of tried all season long to sort of drop hints along the way and sort of show you sort of where the show was gonna go and some of its darker elements," Moore said.

"Certainly in Episode 6, 'The Garrison Commander' episode, it's a big Jack Randall episode. We tell the story of the flogging through his eyes and the flogging's pretty horrific. I mean, it's a pretty nasty scene to watch in that flashback, and his description of it, so it sort of felt that was the first big marker to sort of say, 'Hey, look, this show's going to go some places that may be very difficult for you to watch. You know, fair warning.'"

Moore also described the finale episode as, "Harrowing, dark, challenging, exciting, true, intense, disturbing and powerful."

Outlander season 1 episode 16 To Ransom A Man's Soul airs on 30 May at 9pm EST on Starz.

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Meanwhile, filming for season 2 of Outlander is underway with reports stating that a teaser/ footage of the next season will be shown at the upcoming San Diego Comic-Con (SDCC) in July. Starz is reportedly holding a grand Outlander event at the SDCC where the makers might also announce new cast members.