Terry Crews Overwatch Doomfist
Terry Crews at Blizzard's offices, alongside an in-game poster depicting Doomfist Blizzard

Last summer, actor Terry Crews found newfound internet fame after building his own gaming PC in an effort to spend more time with his "big time gamer" son. Now, he's pushing for a role in hit hero shooter Overwatch after visiting developer Blizzard.

The former NFL ace turned Expendables and Brooklyn Nine Nine star visited the studio's California offices in December, saying he loved "meeting the creators of one of my favorite games! Overwatch!"

This led to speculation that the star may end up voicing a new character in the game – a mulitplayer shooter based around a large cast of unique and varied heroes. In particular, fans thought he'd be a good fit for a character called Doomfist.

Doomfist is a character who exists in the game's lore, and has long-been a candidate to be one of the new playable characters added in 2017. The evidence (his gauntlet and silhouette appear in the game already) suggest he's a large character, possible in the Tank class.

YouTuber Arrekz discusses the speculation in more detail here.

Terry Crews, being as ripped and cartoon like (in the best possible way) as he is, strikes as a good fit for the role, and it seems he agrees. On 4 January, he shared a story discussing the speculation on social media, asking his fans: "Who wants to hear me do the voice of Doomfist for real?"

Naturally, speculation began anew. Blizzard has yet to announce who Overwatch's next hero will be, and aren't likely to anytime soon – having only announced its last hero, Sombra, in November. In December, the game's director Jeff Kaplan promised new heroes, as well as new maps and modes would be added in 2017.

This could all lead to something exciting, or it could just be that Crews is just an enthusiastic fan making the most of his fame to visit the studio and nab some cool Overwatch swag.

Crews became a PC gamer last year when his Facebook Live stream about building a PC went viral within the gaming community. He's since kept his fans updated about his gaming exploits, streamed himself playing on Twitch and even discussed his new hobby on US TV while playing Battlefield 1.

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