The Overwatch League (OWL) recently wrapped up its second season with the San Francisco Shock crowned as the champion. Fans who are unable to attend these live events rely on broadcasts to keep up-to-date with the action. Blizzard Entertainment's team-based shooter has enjoyed the success of its competitive circuit for past few years, but might soon see a big change when "Overwatch 2" releases this year. However, in a surprising turn of events, one of the e-sport tournament's original casters, "Christopher "MonteCristo" Mykles confirmed his departure from the competition.

This announcement was reportedly made exactly on Tuesday, and was posted on Twitter. Mykles, along with Erik "DoA" Lonnquist was part of the original two personalities that launched the OWL in 2016, along with event boss Nate Nanzer. Earlier this year, the latter made headlines when he revealed his intention to leave Blizzard Entertainment. He cited that he was looking "for a new opportunity," which he found with Epic Games and its highly successfully "Fortnite" franchise.

I would like to announce that today is the last day of my @overwatchleague contract and I will not be returning next year. Although I had a great time helping to develop and launch the league in the first two seasons, I am leaving to pursue further career growth. (1/12)

— MonteCristo (@MonteCristo) December 31, 2019

Now Overwatch League is losing two more pioneers, as Lonnquist likewise pointed out at the end of his contract with the organisers. Even though both are probably eligible to forge a new agreement to extend their services, it seems that the duo might not be returning for season 3.

MonteCristo also noted that one of the factors that prompted him not to renew his contract with Blizzard Entertainment was "irreconcilable creative and philosophical differences." Moreover, Nanzer's move to another e-sports competition could have influenced his decision, as reported by Dexerto. On top of relinquishing his post, Mykles will also stop creating content such as analysis and power ranking s related to "Overwatch."

Well here we are. What can you honestly say about a duo that's casted thousands of games, hundreds of matches, three major esports titles, and some of the biggest moments in competitive gaming together? It's been an incredible journey with @MonteCristo over the last seven years.

— erik lonnquist (@ggDoA) December 31, 2019

One of the posts uploaded on social media read "Although I enjoy making these videos, the low demand for supplementary OWL content means that my energies are best used elsewhere." He then added, "I wish the @overwatchleague success in this pivotal year of localization and I hope we can find some way to work together again in the future."

Thanks for all your wishes. I put everything I had into developing Overwatch as an esport since I signed my first contract in 2016. It definitely hurts to leave.


— MonteCristo (@MonteCristo) December 31, 2019

With DoA and MonteCristo gone, Blizzard Entertainment will be pressured to look for replacements that can match their calibre. The Overwatch League season 3 is already scheduled to start on Saturday, February 8. It is likely that "Overwatch 2" will hit retailers shortly after the tournament wraps up in August 2020.

Overwatch League
The Overwatch League was announced at Blizzcon 2016. Blizzard