OnePlus 2
The update brings camera enhancements to your OnePlus 2 OnePlus

In an effort to improve the overall system performance of OnePlus 2, its manufacturer is hard at work. It has started rolling out a new OxygenOS firmware with version 2.0.2. This is the second release after v2.0.1 was made available last week integrating security patches for the Stagefright vulnerability.

As this is an incremental rollout, the update might not be available for all users at the moment. But you should soon be receiving the notification to download and install 2.0.2. The team says this improves the fingerprint authentication on OnePlus 2.

This should bring some relief for users annoyed with the non-responsive fingerprint scanner issue, where they had to unlock the phone manually using pattern or passkey as the fingerprint would not respond. Some were even forced to use On Screen Navigation as that helps to keep the issue under control, as mentioned in the OnePlus forum. Although a workaround was available to deal with this, it is no more required. Other key elements of the release include:

  • Improvements to fingerprint recognition accuracy
  • Resolves a bug that could cause volume to be muted unexpectedly
  • Stability improvements to the front-facing camera
  • Camera preview UX improvements

A 2.1 update is in the pipeline with more significant improvements, which the company has scheduled for mid-September. Finally, you don't have to worry much if there is any issue with the new phone as the company says, "We are listening to all of your concerns on the forums and social media, we're committed to maintaining frequent updates to address your major pain-points without delay."