A new Android app, Invite Tracker, is now available to help prospective buyers track their invite status for OnePlus 2.

Like the original OnePlus One, the Chinese mobile manufacturer launched its second flagship smartphone via invite system. This helps the manufacturer manage the 'exponentially larger community' as well as acts as a guarantee for users that they will get their smartphones.

You can get an invite from friends who already own a OnePlus 2, or, by participating in the contest and promotions conducted by the company. Those who have already reserved an invite can also track their invite status.

OnePlus 2
Screenshots for Invite Tracker app github

Now, XDA forum member maxado_zdl brings users an app which tracks their invites and shares their referral. With this app, you can add your user ID and track your position in the invite list. It also checks for position updates and produces a notification when your position changes.

Here is a guide detailing how you can check your invite status with the Invite Tracker app, courtesy of DroidViews.

How to track OnePlus 2 invite status

Step-1: Download the Invite Tracker app and install it on your phone

Download link: OnePlus 2 Invite Tracker app or, from here

Step-2: Open the app and tap on the menu icon (with three vertical dots) seen at the top right corner of the app, then select Configure User Id

Step-3: A configuration pop-up will display on the screen. If you registered using your mail ID, enter the user ID and click the Confirm button. If you don't know your user ID, open the OnePlus invite page and enter your email ID. You should see a referral link such as the one below:


Note: The user ID is denoted by the xxxxx after = symbol.

Step-4: If you have not registered yet, select Register Email option, enter your email address and tap Count Me In option. When you get the referral code, follow the above procedure to configure your user ID

Step-5: Upon configuration, your position in the invite list will appear along with the number of referrals. You can also share your referral with your friend using the share button

Hit the thread over XDA to know more about the Invite Tracker Android app.