Paddy McGuinness has revealed that Prince Harry gave him a kiss during a drunken night out.

The "Top Gear" host said that the interaction happened following a dance-off at a post-Soccer Aid party in June 2016. Speaking in his new autobiography "My Lifey," as seen by The Sun, he said that Harry was also eager to visit the fictional island of Fernando's, the winning destination for couples on dating show "Take Me Out" which Paddy presented.

Recalling their intimate dance, McGuinness said, "To say we were dancing close was an understatement — our chests were touching. He asked me again if I could send him to Fernando's."

The 48-year-old added that his shirt was then pulled off by the British royal. He recounted, "So now I'm topless, a bottle of beer in each hand, dancing with Prince Harry. We finished dancing and while everyone was cheering, we embraced and he gave me a smacker on the lips."

He remembered that One Direction bandmates Louis Tomlinson and Niall Horan as well as ex-England manager Sam Allardyce looked on in disbelief at them. Harry left the club after the kiss, and was declared an "absolute legend" by all present.

McGuinness said that it was his friend and teammate Jack Whitehall who had arranged his meeting with Prince Harry at Jak's nightclub in Chelsea. Their drunken night out took place the day before the England versus Rest of the World charity football match at Manchester's Old Trafford Stadium.

It was also just a few weeks before Harry met his wife Meghan Markle. The couple were said to be introduced just a month later in July 2016 at The Dean Street Townhouse in Soho. They tied the knot in May 2018 after two years of dating, and have welcomed two children since then.

It means that McGuinness might have been the last person Harry kissed before he met his life partner. A day after the frisky kiss, the royal had texted comic Jack to thank everyone for a great night and ask McGuinness how his head was.

Prince Harry, Paddy McGuinness
Prince Harry and Paddy McGuinness Getty Images