Former Pakistan cricketer Wasim Akram's car was reportedly fired at in Karachi.

Akram was on his way to the National Stadium in Karachi when the incident occurred on 5 August.

In what appears to be a case of road rage, Akram told Express News: "A car hit mine, I stopped him and then his guy stepped out and fired at my car.

"He was definitely an official, I have noted down the vehicle's number and given it to the police."

Both the driver and his private guard who fired at Akram's car fled the scene before police arrived, however the former cricketer has registered a complaint.

Speaking to ESPNcricinfo, Akram's manager, Arsalan Hyder said: "Wasim was driving himself, and the car next to him tried to jam his car to one side and opened fire.

"He did not get hit, he is now at the National Stadium, dealing with police formalities."

Following the incident, Akram's wife, Shaniera, tweeted that her husband is in good health.

Akram is in Karachi as part of a training camp to mentor young bowlers.

"According to preliminary investigation, the incident appears to be a case of road rage. But we cannot say clearly what the motive behind the attack on Wasim Akram was," said police official Munir Sheikh from Karachi.

"We have identified the car from CCTV footage and will have the suspect in custody in a couple of hours." confirmed a thorough investigation wi

Meanwhile, celebrities and social media users strongly condemned the attack.