Moment circle when a gun is fired at Dutchman Jacob Van Der Hart's head in Panama
Moment when a gun is fired at Dutchman Jacob Van der Hart in Panama YouTube

Horrifying CCTV footage showing a man being shot in the head at point blank range has been released by police in Panama.

Dutchman Jacob Van der Hart was sitting in a restaurant when a gunman walked up behind him and shot him.

He slumped from his chair on to the floor as the shooter calmly retreated from the diner and then fled on a motorcycle which was waiting for him.

Somehow Van der Hart survived the attack and was rushed to hospital where he is now fighting for his life.

Watch the video here. Warning: it contains graphic scenes.

Police in Panama City have taken the unusual step of releasing the footage in a bid to track down the gunman.

Van der Hart's shooting comes only weeks after another Dutch national was shot in the same neighbourhood.