The names of the victims of the Paris attacks are starting to emerge. Paris is one of the most visited cities in the world and the dead came from across the globe, from Congo to California and from Mexico to Morocco. Many of those killed were young students drawn to Paris's renowned centres of higher education.

paris terror attack victims
Elif Dogan, Milo Jozic and Valentin Ribet

Elif Dogan, 26, and Milo Jozic, 47, Belgium
A Belgian woman of Turkish origin, Dogan had been living in Paris for four months with her Belgian partner, engineer Milo Jozic. The pair, who lived on the same street as the Bataclan, were killed by gunfire in the venue, according to a Figaro report.

Valentin Ribet, 26, France
An LLM graduate in International Business Law from the London School of Economics (LSE), Ribet was working for law firm Hogan Lovells specialising in white collar crime. The 26-year-old was killed during the bloodshed in the Bataclan.

paris terror attack victims
Nick Alexander, Valeria Solesin and Lola Salines

Nick Alexander, 36, UK
Briton Nick Alexander was killed at the Bataclan Concert Hall. He died in the arms of his friend, 49-year-old American Helen Wilson, who was shot in both legs. Alexander was working at the venue on that fateful night, where he was selling merchandise for the Eagles of Death Metal.

Valeria Solesin, 28, Italy
The Venetian was working towards a PhD in demography at the University of Sorbonne. She had been living in Paris for six years and was separated from her boyfriend at the entrance of the Bataclan, where she was murdered.

Lola Salines, 28, France
Salines skated with roller derby team La Boucherie de Paris. Salines' death was confirmed on Twitter by her father, Georges, who had been using the platform in an effort to find her. Salines was killed at the Bataclan.

paris terror attack victims
Mathieu Hoche, Aurélie de Peretti and Ariane Theiller

Mathieu Hoche, 37, France
A camera technician at France 24 news channel, Hoche died at the Bataclan. He was described as a lover of rock music and leaves behind a six-year-old son.

Aurélie de Peretti, 33, France
An avid music fan from Saint Tropez, Peretti was in Paris for the weekend when she was killed at the Bataclan. Her father Jean-Marie de Peretti said: "I don't feel any particular hatred." He added. "I'm resigned. I'm resigned because, since the announcement of this tragic news ... losing her ... at the age of 33, it hurts. It hurts a lot."

Ariane Theiller, 24, France
Northerner Ariane Theiller was at the Bataclan with friends on 13 November. Following the attack on the venue, her brother sought to find his sister via social media, but the news of her death came on 14 November.

paris terror attack victims
Cedric Maudit, Christophe Lellouche and Claire Camax

Cedric Maudit, 41, France
Maudit was a local council official from Calvados in Normandy. He was attending the concert at the Bataclan with five friends when he was murdered.

Christophe Lellouche, 33, France
A guitarist and composer for the film Yung Forever, which was directed by Jean-Sébastien Lòpez, Lellouche was killed at the Bataclan. He was a supporter of Marseille and a fan of American heavy metal band Metallica.

Claire Camax, 35, France
A mother of two, Camax was originally from the south west of France. The graphic designer was at the Bataclan with her husband and friends. Her husband survived the assault.

paris terror attack victims
Elodie Breuil, Fabrice Dubois and Fanny Minot

Elodie Breuil, 23, France
A student at the Ecole de Condé in Paris, Elodie was at the Bataclan with a group of friends. Her brother Alexis told TIME that his sister had marched with her mother in January following the Charlie Hebdo attacks to show support for the victims.

Fabrice Dubois, 46, France
A married father of two, Dubois was fondly remembered as a "gentle giant" by his older sister. He worked for advertising agency Publicis Conseil, who said: "We will miss you, Fabrice. We miss you already." Dubois was killed at the Bataclan.

Fanny Minot, 29, France
An editor for Canal +, Minot worked on a programme known as Le Supplément. She died in the Bataclan.

paris terror attack victims
François-Xavier Prévost, Germain Ferey and Guillaume B Decherf

François-Xavier Prévost, 29, France
Passionate about tennis, Prévost worked in advertising in Lille. He was killed at the Bataclan, where he was attending the concert with two friends.

Germain Ferey, 36, France
Originally from Vienne-en-Bessin in the Normandy region, Ferey lived in Paris, where he worked in audiovisual illustration. The father of a little girl, Ferey was murdered at the Bataclan.

Guillaume B. Decherf, 43, France
A journalist for French music and culture magazine Inrocks, Decherf began his career at French newspaper Libération and had also worked at Rolling Stone. The father of two girls lost his life at the Bataclan.

paris terror attack victims
Ciprian Calciu, Lacramioara Pop and Juan Alberto González Garrido

Ciprian Calciu, 32, and Lacramioara Pop, 29, Romania
The Romanian couple were celebrating a birthday at the Belle Equipe bistro when they were killed. They are survived by their 18-month-old baby.

Juan Alberto González Garrido, 29, Spain
The engineer worked for French company EDF and had been living Paris for two years. He married his wife, also an engineer last year. The Spanish citizen died in the Bataclan massacre, but his wife managed to escape.

paris terror attack victims
Manu Perez, Précilia Correia and Thomas Ayad

Manu Perez, age unknown, France and Précilia Correia, 35, Portugal
Perez worked in the music industry and had previously plied his trade at Universal Music Group. He was attending the concert at the Bataclan with his girlfriend, Précilia, who worked at French store FNAC. She held dual French and Portuguese nationality.

Thomas Ayad, 32, France
An international product manager for Mercury Music Group, Ayad was also a keen follower of field hockey in his hometown of Amiens, northern France. Ayad was killed at the Bataclan.

paris terror attack victims
Marie Mosser, Marie Lausch and Mathias Dymarski

Marie Mosser, 24, France
Mosser was another Universal employee and worked with pop group The Vamps. She was slain at the Bataclan alongside Thomas Ayad. Expressing their sorrow at the loss of Mosser on Facebook, The Vamps posted: "We want to pass on our deepest condolences to the families and friends of Thomas and Marie who were a huge part of The Vamps team in France and who tragically passed away Friday night in Paris. They will be sorely missed by us and all that knew them. Brad, James, Connor and Tristan."

Marie Lausch, 23, and Mathias Dymarski, 22, France
The couple hailed from Metz, northeast France, and relocated to Paris last year. The pair were in attendance at the Bataclan, where they were killed.

paris terror attack victims
Matthieu Giroud, Maxime Bouffard and Nicolas Classeau

Matthieu Giroud, 39, France
The geography teacher, originally from the Grenoble region, lived in Paris with his pregnant wife and three-year-old son. The geography lecturer died at the Bataclan and his body was identified on 15 November. He was described as a person of "limitless" kindness and the "brightest light of our friends." His family were helped in the search for Giroud by the hashtag #parisrecherche.

Maxime Bouffard, 26, France
A film director and Parisian of five years, Bouffard lost his life at the Bataclan.

Nicolas Classeau, age unknown, France
Director of the Institut Universitaire de Technologie in Marne-la-Vallée, Classeau died at the Bataclan. Students expressed disbelief at his death and he was described as "a simple man who was very close to his students", according to Le Parisian.

paris terror attack victims
Pierro Innocenti, Quentin Boulanger and Quentin Mourier

Pierro Innocenti, 40, France
The owner of Chez Livio Italian restaurant along with his brother, Innocenti's establishment had hosted famous figures such as as Brigitte Bardot, Nicolas Sarkozy, and Zlatan Ibrahimovic. Before the Eagles of Death Metal concert at the Bataclan, Innocenti posted a photo of the venue's exterior which highlighted the main attraction and he wrote: "Rock!"

Quentin Boulanger, 29, France
Originally from Reims, northern France, Boulanger graduated from the Audencia School of Management in Nantes. He lost his life at the Bataclan.

Quentin Mourier, 29, France
An architect living in Paris, Mourier was recognised by France's urban farming community. He was killed at the Bataclan and his death was announced by Vergers Urbains who potted a plant in his honour.

paris terror attack victims
Romain Didier, Romain Dunay and Thomas Duperron

Romain Didier, 32, France
A member of amateur sporting outfit Crocodiles Rugby, Didier's teammates posted an emotional tribute to the barman. The post read: "Romain Didier, it is hard to wake up today and to emerge from this sheet of fog. It is hard to say that we will never again see your smile or hear your laugh. Your joy for living was without equal." Didier and his girlfriend, Lamia Mondeguer lost their lives at the Bataclan.

Romain Dunay, 28, France
The musician lost his life at the Bataclan and was mourned on social media by friends. He was described as "a kind, dear soul, a musician, teacher and friend".

Thomas Duperron, 30, France
Originally from Alençon, Normandy, Duperron died on 15 November at the Percy-Clamart hospital where he had been transported to following the attack at the Bataclan.

paris terror attack victims
Halima Saadi, Houda Saadi and Ludovic Boumbas

Halima, 36, and Houda, 35 Saadi, Tunisia, and Ludovic Boumbas, 40, Congo
The two Tunisian sisters lived in France and were at a birthday meal with a group of friends at La Belle Equipe cafe when a gunman opened fire, killing at least 19 people. Halima died at the scene while Houda lost her life later despite the heroic efforts of their Congolese friend, Ludovic Boumbas, to save the pair. Boumbas selflessly threw himself in front of a barrage of bullets and was killed, but he managed to save a girl, who is fighting for her life in hospital.

paris terror attack victims
Mohamed Amine Benmbarek, Amine Ibnolmobarak and Asta Diakite

Mohamed Amine Benmbarek, Morocco
Newlywed Benmbarek was dining at Le Carillon with his wife when he was killed. His spouse, Maya Nemeta, received three gunshots and is in a critical condition. Benmbarek's cousin, Akram, wrote: "I just learned that one my cousins was a victim in the ‪#‎Paris‬ attack. A newly wed Mohamed Amine Benmbarek passed away while his wife received 3 shots and is in critical condition at the hospital."

Amine Ibnolmobarak, 29, Morocco
An architect and native of the Moroccan capital, Rabat, Ibnolmobarak also taught at the ENSA Paris-Malaquais Architecture School. Ibnolmobarak was described as the "quintessential young Muslim intellectual" who was "concerned with spreading the peaceful values of his religion", according to former professor Jean Attali. Ibnolmobarak was slain at the Carillon bar, according to the Moroccan Times.

Asta Diakite, age unknown, France
The cousin of Marseille and France midfielder Lassana Diarra, Diakite was named as one of the victims of the attacks. The former Arsenal and Chelsea footballer said: "She was like a big sister to me.

"In this climate of terror, it is important for all of us who represent our country and its diversity to stay united against a horror which has no colour, no religion. Stand together for love, respect and peace."

Diakite was killed in one of the shootings, although the precise location is unknown as yet. Diarra was representing the French national team at the Stade de France, which was targeted by suicide bombers that same evening.

paris terror attack victims
Nohemi Gonzalez, Michelle Gil Jaimes and Djamila Houd

Nohemi Gonzalez, 23, USA
A senior and industrial design major student at California State University, Long Beach, Gonzalez was studying abroad at the Strate School of Design in Paris. The only American known to have been killed in the Paris attacks, the Californian was gunned down at the Petit Cambodge restaurant as she was dining with a fellow student. Gonzalez held dual US and Mexican citizenship.

Michelle Gil Jaimes, 27, Mexico
Identified as one of the victims of the attacks on Paris by the governor of Veracruz state, Jaimes was killed at La Belle Equipe bar. Newspaper El Universal reported that Jaimes had previously won a beauty contest in the Tuxpan municipality. Jaimes also held dual Spanish and Mexican nationality.

Djamila Houd, 41, France
Originally from Dreux, southwest of Paris, Houd was killed at a cafe on the rue de Charonne. According to Facebook posts from bereaved friends, Houd had been working for Isabel Marant, a French fashion house.

paris terror attack victims
Kheireddine Sahbi and Manuel Dias

Kheireddine Sahbi, 29, Algeria
The Algerian violinist was living in Paris to study music and was enrolled at the prestigious Sorbonne University. His sister, Sarah Ludie, said that Sahbi was on his way home when he was gunned down in the neighbourhood of Place de la République.

Manuel Dias, 63, Portugal
Described by a friend as "a huge sporting fan", Dias had lived in Paris for about 45 years. He worked as a driver and was killed by an explosion near the Stade de France. He leaves behind his wife and two children.

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