Paul Walker death
Fast and the Furious 7 actor Paul Walker died on 30 November 2013, alongside his friend Roger Rodas in a car crash REUTERS/Filipe Carvalho

Meadow Walker, the 17-year-old daughter of Fast and the Furious star Paul Walker, is $10.1m (£7.15m) richer, after the estate of Roger Rodas agreed to a settlement. Walker was a passenger in a Porsche Carrera GT driven by Rodas, when the vehicle crashed into trees and burst into flames in Santa Clarita, Los Angeles, in November 2013.

Meadow Walker is also expecting a payout from Porsche AG. Her attorney, Jeff Milam, says she wants to continue her lawsuit against the luxury carmaker as she "intends to hold the company responsible for producing a vehicle that was defective and caused Paul Walker's death".

Milam said in a statement that the monies would go into a trust for the 17-year-old.

"The amount paid by the estate of Roger Rodas into a trust for Meadow Walker only covers a fraction of what her father would have earned as an international movie star had his life not tragically been cut short," Milam said in a Sky News report.

Paul Walker Car Crash Wreckage Thief Anthony Janow Surrendered in San Fernando Courthouse
Firefighters extinguish the fire in the car where actor Paul Walker was killed along with another unidentified man during a car crash in Valencia, Santa Clarita, California.

Porsche says that the Fast & Furious actor was responsible for his own death. A four-month investigation by Los Angeles officials concluded that the crash was caused by Rogan driving at excessive speeds – he was allegedly driving at between 80mph-93mph at the time of the crash – and not a mechanical failure.

But Milam claims Meadow's father survived the crash, but "burned to death because of Porsche's defective design".

Walker, who was 40 when he died, was a client of Rodas, who was a managing director of wealth management for Bank of America Merrill Lynch.