Two suspected commanders of the armed guerrilla group Shining Path were transferred to the Peruvian capital on 10 August, after having been captured a few days ago in the south of the county.

The commanders were identified as Alexander Alarcon Soto, also known as "Comrade Renan", and Dionisio Ramos, also known as "Comrade Yuri". The two were presented to journalists alongside Vice-Minister of Defence, Ivan Vega, who stressed the significance of the captures.

"All that remains is under the command of Renan and Yuri, Renan as political commander and Yuri as military commander. They have both been captured," said Vega.

"This leaves the Shining Path, the guerrillas of the south in the Cuzco region, completely undone. It is an energy hub, a touristic hub which is well safeguarded, this can't be taken away. But we are not triumphalist. This does not mean that the Shining Path will not try and establish a new line of command to take control of the region," Vega added, displaying guns, satellite phones, ammunition and explosives which were seized alongside the captives.

Peruvian authorities hold Soto responsible for the murder of three people, including a police officer. He is also suspected of participating in armed attacks in which five police officers and six soldiers were killed.

Soto is also suspected of blowing up a pump in the country's longest gas pipeline, sabotaging companies carrying out public works in the Echarate district, and planting mines in the region. Fighting between the leftist group Shining Path and the government is estimated to have claimed nearly 70,000 lives.