Piers Morgan
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Piers Morgan is not a big fan of ITV2 show Love Island, and the Good Morning Britain host made it known in a loud and shocking rant on today's installment of his programme.

After watching a shocking episode during Richard Arnold's showbiz section, the chat show host branded the reality show's contestants as a bunch of "David Beckhams". Two birds with one stone!

"I have never seen a more cretinous bunch of people behaving in a more cretinous manner in my entire life – and I work with Richard Arnold," the 52-year-old journalist raged after watching Tuesday's night's episode, where four islanders were shockingly booted off the show.

Continuing with his rant, Morgan added, "I don't get it! I don't get it! What is going on? They are the most stupid collection of people ever amassed in the history of the planet."

It was then that the morning news programme host was shown footage of two new contestants – including model-turned-actor Jamie – entering the villa. But looks like even the new faces couldn't impress the outspoken TV host.

"That one is particularly dim, can we rewind that guy? that last guy," he said, to which his co-host Susanna Reid curtly replied, "You don't know him yet, he's not arrived. You don't know what you're talking about."

But not the one to hold any restraints, Morgan went on to launch a scathing attack on the popular reality dating show, slamming the islanders as "cretins".

"They're such complete cretins!" he said. "It's like a bunch of David Beckhams have been incarcerated with a bunch of the refuseniks from Celebrity Big Brother, the ones who never got into the actual show itself."

"They've been put into this hell hole which has been designed to basically scramble my brain and turn me into a complete lump of molten porridge," Morgan added before blasting the fans of Love Island as well.

"Millions of people are watching this tripe! What is the matter with this country?!"