Piers Morgan
Piers Morgan, seen here on his TalkTV show "Uncensored", has accused Prince Harry of financially benefitting from invading the royal family's privacy. Photo: Piers Morgan/X Piers Morgan/X

Piers Morgan has accused Prince Harry of making money off the royal family by invading their privacy, in a rebuttal addressed to the duke's recent victory on his hacking case against Mirror Group Newspapers.

The Duke of Sussex won in his hacking claims against the publisher of the Daily Mirror, with London's High Court ordering MGN to pay a "substantial additional sum" in damages to the prince. According to Sky News, the publisher will also pay the royal's legal fees on top of the £140,600 already given in December last year.

Speaking outside of the court on Friday, Feb. 9, Prince Harry's lawyer, David Sherborne, said the publisher will make an interim payment of £400,000. Prince Harry was not present in court last week.

Judge Timothy Fancourt said MGN carried out unlawful information gathering about the prince, including phone hacking, from 1996 to 2011. He concluded that his phone was hacked "to a modest extent" by MGN journalists.

Sherbone singled out Morgan, who was editor of the Daily Mirror between 1995 and 2004. He said of the former "Good Morning Britain" host: "That includes Mr. Morgan, who as editor, knew perfectly well what was going on, as the judge held."

He added: "Even his own employer realised it simply could not call him as a witness of truth. His contempt for the court's ruling and his continued attacks ever since demonstrate why it was so important to obtain a clear and detailed judgment."

Morgan took to X, formerly Twitter, to share his response to the ruling. He wrote: "I totally agree with Prince Harry that ruthless intrusion into the private lives of the Royal Family for financial gain is utterly reprehensible... and I hope he stops doing it."

Sky News also caught up with the outspoken TV host who agrees that "invading the privacy of the Royal Family is utterly reprehensible". Yet, he puts the blame on the Duke of Sussex saying: "On that, I share Prince Harry's opinion. I just wish he'd stop doing it." When asked by a reporter if he had wished he had not done it, Morgan just turned his back on him and walked away.

This is not the only time that Morgan refused to take accountability for the hacking claim. Last year, he told reporters outside his home that he "never hacked a phone" and said he does not even know how it is done. Instead, he accused Prince Harry and Meghan Markle of "destroying the monarchy".