Platinum Games, best known for Bayonetta, Vanquish and Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance, are to announce a new game at E3 2015 that they will be working on alongside Xbox One exclusive Scalebound.

Gameplay footage of the game will debut on IGN's live show at 11pm BST (3PM PT / 6PM EST) on Tuesday 16 June, but that's not to say the game won't be announced before hand – most likely at either Sony or Microsoft's press events the day prior.

The Japanese studio has been quiet since the release last year of Wii U exclusive Bayonetta 2. Company founder Hideki Kamiya announced Scalebound at Microsoft's conference last year, but nothing has been heard of the game since.

It is expected we'll hear more about that next week.

After a Wii U and Xbox One exclusive it's hard to tell where Platinum will go next. Working on two Xbox exclusives at the same time is highly unlikely, as is the idea of them creating a third exclusive for Nintendo's console (they are a company interested in making money after all).

A PS4 exclusive isn't out of the question, but multi-platform would seem the obvious route to take. They are a studio held in high regard by fans and within the industry - hence Microsoft and Nintendo pursuing them – so they would make a welcome presence at any conference.

Microsoft's press event takes place at 5:30PM BST on Monday 15 June, with Sony's taking place later that night at 2:30AM on Tuesday 16 June.