Anyone with fond memories for 2014's biggest mobile gaming phenomenon will be ecstatic to hear that Flappy Bird has returned to satisfy cravings for both mindless pipe-dodging-action and vaping after a strange person decided to port the 'endless flapper' to a Vape box mod.

Eschewing the traditional battery/time/date pixelated display on a regular eVic-VTC Mini box mod, the heroic hacker has transformed it into a black and white version of Flappy Bird. You can watch a video of Balázs Bank tapping away at his Franken-vape creation below:

YouTube / Balázs Bank

In the absence of the touchscreen controls found in the 'pure evil' incarnation of the short-lived iOS and Android game, the e-cigarette buttons are used to both control the fowl and select menu options.

Rather than replace the firmware within the box mod itself, the game is based on an SDK that allows vapers to continue puffing and tapping for all eternity. Be aware, however, that the game is currently at beta stage and that Bank claims no responsibility for any damage to your own e-Vic box mod.

This is not the first time that the game, which almost made off-the-shelf mobile phones worth thousands of pounds on eBay, has been ported to multiple devices, as an iOS developer hacked an Apple Watch so he could play Dong Nguyen's feathery frustration on his wrist.