Plymouth car crash
CCTV footage showed the car plough into traffic cones on the A38 Plymouth Police

Motorists on the A38 "could have been killed" when a car ploughed into row of traffic cones sending them flying into the air on the Exeter-bound carriageway. CCTV footage released by Devon and Cornwall Police shows the car drive directly into the roadworks before briefly stopping in the road before driving off.

In a complete fluke the scattered cones then land in a perfect line across the outside lane, sealing it off to other motorists. The careless driving caused three cars – a Suzuki Grand Vitara, a Transit van and a Mini – to crash with each other. The female driver of the Mini, a woman in her 20s, sustained a minor facial injury in the collision, which happened on 14 January at around 9.15am.

Police are appealing for driver of the silver or grey car to come forward and identify themselves to police. Sergeant Gary Williamson, of Plymouth Safer Roads Support Unit, said: "There is no doubt that the poor driving and careless actions of this driver led to this collision.

"Oncoming motorists had no warning that the lane three contraflow was closed off and had to take evasive action. The confusion has then created perfect conditions for the collision further back. Not only does the driver then stop on the carriageway, causing a further hazard, but then leaves the scene without the presence of mind to call police about the danger they have left behind.

"We wouldn't expect the person to get out and move the cones as this is not safe but in the very least they should have pulled over and called police. Their actions were incredibly negligent and showed no regard for the safety of other drivers. It is extremely lucky that this collision was minor, although it has caused inevitable distress to the motorists involved. This could have easily caused an extremely serious, or even fatal, accident."