Diancie, the star of the next Pokemon movie

On Tuesday, CoroCoro magazine revealed that the supposed legendary Pokémon Diancie will be the next entry in the Kalos region Pokédex. Apart from sporting Pokemon number 719 and being a Rock/Fairy type Pokemon, what's so special about Diancie and when will you be able to catch her?

Star of the next Pokemon Movie

Hearalded as the star of the next Pokemon movie Cocoon of Destruction & Diancie, the so-called legendary Pokemon will play a key role in the Pokemon universe after the release of the motion picture, according to TechnologyTell. The film is due for release in July this year.

Might be Available Post July

There is widespread speculation that Diancie will be available on games. However, this will not happen until the release of the motion picture in July, after which you should be available to catch Diancie on the Pokemon X and Y games.

Moves and Stats

As previously mentioned, Diancie happens to be a Rock/Fairy hybrid. She's is also the 'jewel' Pokemon, since she uses Diamonds to attack.

Her base stats: HP 60, Attack 75, Defense 175, Special Attack 75, Special Defense 175, Speed 50, total 610. Clearly, her strength lies in having a stronger defense.

Other Legendaries Revealed

Back in November, three legendary Pokemon were discovered in the code of the Pokemon X and Y games. Their names were Hoopa, Volcanion and of course Diancie. Now Diancie has been confirmed, there is good chance we'll hear about Hoopa and Volcanion.