The size of your Pikachu may vary. iStock / The Pokémon Company

By now Pokémon Go players around the world will have amassed a decent collection of pocket monsters, and will be on the lookout for rarer beasties and the means to evolve those they have.

Players will have encountered countless Pidgey, Rattata, Spearow and Drowzee – but where are the roaming Charmander, the Lickitung and the Scyther?

AttractionTix has put together a list of twenty attractions around the UK and what Pokémon players are able to find there.

They've found a Dragonite at the Tower of London, a Blastoise by the River Ouse in York, a Porygon at the Piccadilly Gardens in Manchester and Electabuzz at London Zoo.

Their list (below) isn't the only means to find rare Pokémon, however. You can (of course) explore for yourself, but there's also a web app that allows you to scour the planet from the comfort of a nice chair and plan ahead for your next adventure.

PokéVision offers relatively real-time updates on what Pokémon are being found around the world. There is, for example, a Pinsir not far from IBTimes UK's office right now. If I weren't writing this I'd be out of here quicker than you can say Gary Oak.

Here's the AttractionTix list:

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