Pokémon Sun and Moon introduces a new feature making it a little easier to fill the game's encyclopaedic Pokédex and find the many new creatures to be found in Alola, Sun and Moon's Hawaii-inspired setting.

Players will receive the QR code scanner early on in their adventure, after which they'll be able to share the QR codes of Pokémon they've caught and scan those they haven't – allowing them to find out more about the creatures and crucially where it's possible to catch them.

The QR Scanner is found in the start menu. Open it and the 3DS's camera will open up, hit the right bumper to capture an image of the code and it will then be added to the Pokédex.

Pokemon Sun Moon Ultra Beasts
Pokemon Sun and Moon are packed with Legendary creatures and the all-new Ultra Beasts The Pokémon Company

Each scanned Pokémon earns players 10 points. Amass 100 points and you'll unlock the Island Scan function, which scans the entire island the player is located on to find a rare Pokémon's location. Whatever Pokémon it ends up being will be available for an hour (real-world time) after the scan is done.

Once the scan has been done, players will need to amass 100 more points to use it again.

Below we've listed every new Pokémon in Sun and Moon, including special legendary Pokémon and Ultra Beasts. The QR codes for these Pokémon (at the bottom of the list) will be shared as when Nintendo and The Pokémon Company decide to share them.

On 7 December they shared the first code for a legendary Pokémon, Magearna.

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