Game Freak is reportedly developing a version of Pokémon Sun and Moon for release on Nintendo's new console, the Nintendo Switch. Development under the codename Pokémon Stars is apparently well underway ahead of a release next year.

Eurogamer cites multiple sources that claim Stars will act as the third game within this seventh generation of mainline Pokémon titles.

In previous generations, Pokémon Yellow followed Red and Blue, Crystal followed Gold and Silver, Emerald followed Ruby and Sapphire and Platinum followed Diamond and Pearl.

It will be the first time however that such a release has followed on a different console. It will also mark the first main Pokémon adventure to appear on a Nintendo home console, due to the device being a dual home and handheld hybrid.

Pokémon Sun and Moon launched today (18 November) in Japan and North America, and will release in the UK and Europe next week, on 23 November. Sun, Moon and Stars were developed side-by-side according to the report.

The report also cites evidence from the Sun and Moon reveal trailer from February, which included behind the scenes footage of the developers at work at Game Freak. One shot is of a HD in-game model for a new Pokémon and sources have told Eurogamer that this is for the Switch version.

Stars is likely to include now features and Pokémon with the ability to trade between all versions made capable through Nintendo's Pokémon Box app. The game is supposedly set to be released in late 2017.

Sun and Moon represent a big departure from the traditional Pokémon formula. There are no longer gyms for example, HM moves are gone too and there are a ton of new features that alter the overall experience fans are used to.

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