Marsahdow Pokemon
Marshadow as seen in the Japanese trailer for the next Pokémon movie

The Pokémon Company has revealed the latest Pokémon coming to hit 3DS adventure Pokémon Sun and Moon. Marshadow was first spotted a while back, but this official announcement indicates that it will soon be added to the game.

Marshadow is believed to be a ghost/fighting type based on a snippet of its powerful ''Z-Move'' spotted in a compilation of Sun and Moon's high-powered one-use special abilities created from an early, cracked version of the game last November.

Very few details have been announced, with The Pokémon Company stating only that players will be unable to catch Marshdow "in normal gameplay" and that it will announced how trainers can get on "at a future date".

It's special Z-Move, which players can activate with their Z-Ring (introduced early in the game) and if Marshadow is holding a special Z-Crystal, is called "Soul-Stealing 7-Star Strike".

Marshadow also features in the next Pokémon Movie, called I Choose You, which is set to release in Japan this summer. You can see it in action in the film's trailer (at the 33 second mark).

It is the seventh legendary or mythical Pokémon from the seventh generation of pocket monsters introduced with Sun and Moon. Its release later this year follows Magearna in December.

Magearna was offered to players with a special QR code, which may be how Marshadow is offered as well. Developers Game Freak may have something more special planned for the new beastie however.

The release of Sun and Moon capped off a banner year for the Pokémon series in 2016, which also celebrated its 20th anniversary. Aided by the enormous popularity of mobile title Pokémon Go, Sun and Moon sold just shy of 15 million units by 31 December, roughly a month-and-a-half after the game's November release.

A version of the game, reportedly called Pokémon Star, is believed to be in the works for Nintendo's new home and handheld console Switch.

Marsahdow Pokemon
It's ya boy Marshadow The Pokémon Company

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