A routine traffic stop ended in a surprising find for officers of the Youngstown Police Department in Ohio when the suspect was found with numerous pills hidden in his buttocks.

Martin Sewell, 21, was arrested and charged with possessing drugs, falsification and several traffic citations. The police report, seen by local station WFMJ, said that Sewell was originally stopped for a broken tail light and not having a licence plate on the front of his car on Wednesday (10 January).

The report alleged that Sewell behaved nervously and gave them a false name, Valentino, and social security number. He was also driving without a licence, authorities claim.

Sewell reportedly allowed officers to check the car and denied there was anything illegal in the vehicle.

When an officer patted Sewell down to check for weapons, the report said that they found a "bulge in the buttock area" which was "not consistent with the human anatomy". WFMJ quoted.

Sewell then reportedly admitted to officers that he had oxycodone and xanax and retrieved two bags hidden in his buttock area each contained 38 of the respective drug. Sewell was later found to be driving with a suspended licence when he gave officers his real name.

Online records showed that Sewell had been held at the Mahoning County Jail since Wednesday. He had been charged with failure to yield right of way, driving without a licence, falsification, a charge of possession a schedule I or II substance and a charge of possessing a schedule III, IV or V substance.