Nicole Waldrop
31-year-old Amber Nicole Waldrop, of Parker, Florida, are alleged to have put one child through the extreme punishments Bay Country Sheriff's Office

A couple in Florida have been arrested for allegedly forcing a child in their care to eat dog faeces as a punishment while other children watched. The couple were also charged with possession of methamphetamines, reports said.

Daniel Lee Bullock, 33, and Nicole Waldrop, 31, are also accused of shocking the child with a stun gun in front of three other children. reported that Parker Police Department had begun investigating the couple on 27 July, with an arrest warrant issued 9 August.

The abuse had allegedly been happening for a year prior to the investigation's start.

The child's name and age were not released and neither was the relationship of the two suspects to the children in their care.

Police reports said that Bullock used what is suggested to be a stun gun to shock one child and forced the child to eat dog faeces as a punishment, the newspaper reported.

Along with charges of drug possession relating to a syringe police say was found in their room, Bullock faces two counts of child abuse and Waldrop was charged with four counts of child neglect.

An Associated Press report said that authorities described the allegations as "malicious punishment".