Tinder date poo window
Worst Tinder date ever? GoFundMe

A British student has raised almost £2,000 ($2,600) in less than 24 hours after his remarkable story about a Tinder date gone wrong, featuring faeces, a window and a visit from the Somerset Fire Brigade, went viral.

Liam Smyth started a GoFundMe campaign yesterday (5 August) hoping to collect a mere £200 for his broken bathroom window. However, his story was so incredible that he has already received 10 times that amount.

Smyth's cautionary tale, which has been verified by the emergency services, goes like this:

He was on a Tinder date with an unnamed young lady in Bristol, his university town.

The pair ate dinner at Nando's and clearly enjoyed themselves, because they headed back to Smyth's for a Louis Theroux documentary and a bottle of wine.

Partway through the film, the date went to use the bathroom and didn't come back for some time. This was to be expected – Nando's does not skimp on portions.

But little did Smyth know, something drastic had taken place inside his bathroom. He learned of the whole sorry affair when his date came back to the living room, clearly distressed.

She said: "I went for a poo in your toilet and it would not flush. I don't know why I did this, but I panicked – reached into the toilet bowl, wrapped it in tissue paper, and threw it out of the window".

Her brazenness did not go unpunished. After throwing the poo, she realised, to her horror, that Smyth's bathroom window backed onto a neighbour's window only inches away.

The poo had simply fallen into the small gap between the two windows, clearly visible from both homes.

Tinder date poo window
Not the place for poos in the first world GoFundMe

Smyth and the date then hatched a plan. She would use her amateur gymnastics skills to hang out of the window and grab the vexatious dump while Smyth grabbed onto her ankles. (As an aside, it's worth the noting that the pair clearly had chemistry.)

Unfortunately, their plan, no matter how noble, was the wrong one. The date got her hands around the offending item only to discover she had become stuck.

Smyth could not prise her free and she was left jammed between the two windows staring straight into her own faecal matter – probably wishing she had tried giving it another flush in the first place.

Tinder date poo window
Tinder date poo window
Call in the professionals

Smyth was left with no choice but to call the Fire Brigade. They duly arrived and freed his date, but they had to break Smyth's bathroom window in the process.

And so, a few days later, he found himself asking the internet to cough up the £200 needed to replace the window.

But the internet loves few things more than funny stories involving bodily functions. In a matter of hours Smyth's story was being read around the world and he has already appeared on national radio.

He has raised £1,880 in just 22 hours and promises that all proceeds above his initial request will go to charities, helping deliver flushing toilets to the third world and supporting firefighters respectively.

Good man, Smyth.