Mashudur Choudhury
Mashudur Choudhury has been jailed for four years handout

Mashudur Choudhury - the first Britain charged with attempting to fight alongside Isis fighters in Syria - has been jailed for four years.

He was one of six men who called themselves the "al-Britaini Brigade Bangladeshi Bad Boys" - or the "Pompey Lads" - who travelled to Syria in 2013.

He was the only one to return and was arrested at Gatwick Airport. Four of the men who sat alongside Choudhury on their Thomas Cook flight to Turkey on 8 October last year have been killed fighting in Syrian city Kobani.

He was found guilty of preparing for acts of terrorism after a two-week trial at Kingston Crown Court in May.

During the trial he denied wanting to fight for Isis, claiming he was looking for an opportunity to move his family abroad.

However, prosecutors successfully argued he wanted to intervene in Isis's intention to install a Islamic caliphate in the region and investigators found updates on social media sites describing how he wanted to die a martyr's death.

During his sentencing Choudhury was described as "ideologically confused" when he travelled to Syria and his defence lawyer tried to downplay the notoriety of the Isis of 2013, saying the terrorist group was not the same group causing "opprobrium and anxiety" today.