With the fascination for big screens appearing to be slowly dying out among smartphone users, a unique phone claiming to be the world's smallest Android phone has shot to fame after a YouTube tech reviewer did a teardown of the phone. The Posh Mobile Micro X S240 featuring a meagre 2.4-inch display is half the size of an average smartphone and is the smallest Android smartphone we have seen so far.

Although the phone was unveiled in September 2015, it has taken tech enthusiasts by storm after technology reviewing YouTube channel Unbox Therapy did a full scan of the device including comparing it to the existing flagships like the Samsung Galaxy Note 5.

The video demonstrates just how tiny the phone is with typing on a screen so small becoming extremely difficult. When it comes to specs, we obviously cannot expect a power machine. Nevertheless it fares well with entry-level smartphone specs like Mediatek's MT6572M Dual-core processor running at a speed of 1.0GHz and offering 4GB of memory.

The tiny little phone runs on Google's Android operating system but not its latest Marshmallow and not even the Lollipop but a rather outdated Android 4.4 KitKat. It also sports a 2 MP rear camera and a VGA front camera both of which actually prove not to be too bad for an entry-level camera.

The phone is available in four colours and comes with a 650mAh Lithium-ion battery claiming to provide up to 180 hours of standby and four hours of talk time. The price is a decent $89 which is expected given that it is not too high on features.

Founded in 2013, Posh Mobile is privately-owned and operates from its main headquarters in New York. The company website indicates that its current portfolio of GSM Android devices includes more than 20 dual sim tablets, phablets and smartphones.