It was dubbed "the best hashtag ever" as Twitter was deluged with the most endearing photos of President Obama playing with little children as the hashtag #ObamaAndKids took over social media. The trend was started by activist and entrepreneur Michael Skolnik.

Skolnik noted that a poignant photograph, in which a young child looks up at Obama in awe and admiration, perfectly illustrated how inspirational the first black President has been to young black children.

White House photographer Pete Souza took the extraordinary photo of President Obama greeting Clark Reynolds, 3, at an event celebrating Black History month.

The trend quickly caught on, as fans posted their feel-good photos of the doting President surrounded by hoards of adoring children. The candid images showed the President sat with a group of children on the lawn outside the White House, meeting masked Halloween visitors and welcoming children into the Oval office.

The President also goofs off and in one photo he is seen pointing out an unsuspecting child who had apparently fallen asleep during a speech, while in another he is disarmed by a mini Spiderman. Obama's natural warmth and affection was apparent in every photo as he comes down to the children's level.

There are also deeply moving moments, as when the President personally met with survivors and the families of the victims of the Sandy Hook school shooting, to share their grief.

The heartwarming images of the President with the kids had Twitter users in raptures with many calling for an ObamaAndKids coffee table book to be published to mark the end of the presidency. "#ObamaAndKids priceless. Truly priceless and so revealing as to the man's character and heart," said one fan.

"There is an entire generation of young Americans who will talk about the time they met President Obama #ObamaAndKids" wrote another.

"If you need to smile today, may I direct you to #ObamaAndKids" Capturing the overriding sentiment one Twitter user commented: "ObamaAndKids Might be the best trending topic ever. Positivity unites."

While another asked: "Is there anything better than #ObamaAndKids ??"

The First Lady Michelle Obama also got caught up with the trend and shared a photo of the President with the couple's own children, with the caption: "Can't help but smile.' #ObamaAndKids".