Pretty Little Liars season 6
The popular teen thriller jumps five years forward after A's identity revelation ABC Family

The premiere date for Pretty Little Liars season 6 has finally been revealed and fans are looking forward to seeing their favourite characters Aria, Alison, Spencer, Emily and Hanna. The show jumps five years forward when it returns in January 2016 with ABC Family, which has changed its name to Freeform.

During the New York Comic Con, the network revealed the premiere date and the opening clip, where the girls can be seen watching over another coffin. However, this time instead of Aria, Emily is seen doing the "shhh" move.

In the summer finale, Charlotte was revealed as A. After that, the liars (except Ali) left Rosewood and moved on in their lives to pursue different career paths.

A four-minute clip released by ABC Family reveals that they will all be forced to return to the fateful town after receiving Ali's letter for a reunion. This will lead to the beginning of another mystery (most probably murder) and more torment for the liars.

Lucy Hale's character Aria will be seen representing Ezra, who has turned into a popular writer. However, it is not clear what the future holds for Ezria. "As of now I don't know if I can say where they're at status-wise, but you know, I think they'll always be in each other's lives — it's complicated," she said, explaining her future with her old boyfriend during the NYCC via Perez Hilton.

Troian Bellisario reveals that her character will use her full potential in PLL season 6B. "Spencer's a really intelligent character and she hasn't realized her full potential. So to have her flash forward and be so successful in her career and get to be in a completely different world, a political world, was very exciting for me," she said, talking about her powerful return to the popular series.

Shay Mitchell's Emily will be seen as a tropical bartender. "She moves West, she goes to Pepperdine. We always spoke about Emily wanting to go to California, and Paige left and went to California so that could be maybe a little reason" explained Mitchell about her character's career choice during the Comic Con.

Ashley Benson's Hanna will go chic after five years forward as she will be seen working in the fashion industry. "Hanna's super fun. She traveled the world, she's working in fashion like Devil Wears Prada," said Benson about her return as a fun loving person.

PLL season 6B will premiere on 12 January 2016. But fans can enjoy a special one-hour behind-the-scenes special episode titled Pretty Little Liars: 5 Years Forward that will air on Tuesday, 24 November.