Prince Philip will be celebrating a major milestone next year and talks about the celebrations are already making the rounds. As Queen Elizabeth II's husband turns 100, it is believed his birthday in June 2021 will be a major event for royals to celebrate. However, Prince Andrew might be "airbrushed" out of the event.

The Duke of Edinburgh's centenary celebrations will not include his second son Prince Andrew due to his association with sex offender Jeffrey Epstein. According to The Sun, the 60-year-old royal "will not be invited to major celebrations" and his pictures will be avoided in a photo exhibition. He will be included "as little as possible," reveals an insider.

"There is a warning from up high to play down Andrew. He will be included as little as possible," the source explains. "It's not whitewashing history because you can't leave him out entirely. But it will not make a big deal of his relationship with the Duke of Edinburgh over the years. This is obviously proving difficult because he is his son and it's playing down his role in the family."

Andrew, who was not seen in pictures of his daughter Princess Beatrice's wedding, will now also remain absent from the photo exhibition by Royal Collection Trust celebrating Prince Philip's life. Nevertheless, the Royal Collection Trust, the largest private art collection in the world that overlooks 13 historic royal residences in the United Kingdom of British royal family, said that "plans are not yet confirmed."

The Duke of York stepped back from public duties on Nov. 20, 2019 following his BBC's Newsnight interview that discussed allegations of the royal's association with Epstein. However, the report notes that Andrew continues to deny the claims against him.

Meanwhile, Prince Philip, who was born into the Greek and Danish royal families, will turn 100 on June 10, 2021. His association with the queen goes back to the time when he was just 18 and she was a 13-year-old princess. The couple got engaged in July 1947, when he abandoned his Greek and Danish royal titles and became a naturalised British subject.

Prince Andrew
Prince Andrew has said he regrets his relationship with Jeffrey Epstein. Photo: AFP / JOHN THYS

The couple got married the same year and he was bestowed with titled Duke of Edinburgh, Earl of Merioneth and Baron Greenwich by King George VI. However, he was officially made a British prince in 1957, seven years after Elizabeth's coronation as the British monarch.