Prince Andrew is trying to make up for the shame he brought on the royal family with daily visits to Windsor Castle to see Queen Elizabeth II.

The Duke of York is said to be working his charms on the Queen in a bid to get back to public life and into his royal duties. A report from the Mirror claimed that he has been making the drive from his home at Royal Lodge to Windsor Castle to see his mother every day.

He was even seen on Monday with a big smile on his face as he drove his black Ford Ranger into Her Majesty's Windsor estate. Royal insiders shared that the 62-year-old makes pre-lunch visits to make sure that Queen Elizabeth II is "comfortable and looked after."

A source said that Prince Andrew "is doing all he can to make amends for the shame he brought on his family for being involved in such a scandal." He reportedly "wants to make it up to the Queen" and this is why "he is doing all he can to see her as much as possible."

The insider added, "The rest of the family, apart from Her Majesty, are united in feeling that he should stay out of the limelight and keep quiet having left such a stain on the family."

The Duke of York retired from public life in 2019 after he was embroiled in the scandal surrounding his associate, the late paedophile Jeffrey Epstein. He was then accused of sexual abuse by Virginia Roberts Giuffre and Her Majesty had no choice but to strip him of his military titles and royal patronages in January this year. He later settled the case out of court in February.

The public did not expect to see Prince Andrew in public so soon but he surprised many, even senior royal family members, when he played a major role at Prince Philip's memorial in March. He rode with his mother from Windsor to London and then escorted her inside Westminster Abbey.

Prince Andrew is expected to have two more public appearances in June with Queen Elizabeth II. He will escort his mother to the Epsom Derby and to the upcoming Garter Day on June 13.

Prince Andrew escorts Queen Elizabeth II
Prince Andrew escorts Queen Elizabeth II to her seat inside Westminster Abbey during the Thanksgiving service for Prince Philip on March 29, 2022. Photo: RICHARD POHLE/POOL/AFP via Getty Images RICHARD POHLE/POOL/AFP via Getty Images