After months of lockdown and being home-schooled, the younger royals Prince George and his sister Princess Charlotte will be returning to school very soon. It is said that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge's children will be rejoining the school this week.

Prince William and Kate Middleton have been homeschooling their children since March when the entire country came to shut down due to the COVID outbreak. The family-of-five was isolating in their country Anmer Hall in Norfolk, where the royal couple continued to keep their children busy with several activities.

According to Hello, Prince George and Princess Charlotte will be rejoining their school St. Thomas's Battersea for a new term. The third-in-the-line to the throne will commence Year 3 and his younger sister will begin Year 1.

George, seven, joined school in the year 2017. As for Charlotte, five, she began her academic career in the year 2019. As per the report, not much will be changed for Charlotte in the Early Years curriculum. However, "more opportunities" are expected for George. He will now be able to join after-school clubs and activities as he is entering junior years. In addition, he will now be able to join the school's choir and participate in sports tournaments.

More details from the report reveal that there is also a running team in the school for which pupils of Year 3 to Year 8 prepare for an annual cross-country run. Apart from this, there is also a swimming club, allowing the students to participate in gala competitions between different schools.

In an interview with BBC in April, Kate talked about the challenges of homeschooling her children. "The children have got such stamina," Kate said. "You pitch a tent, take the tent down again, cook, bake. You get to the end of the day—they've had a lovely time, but it's amazing how much you can cram into a day, that's for sure."

Kate, who continued to perform her royal duties virtually or through telephone calls, did admit things getting hectic for them.

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Britain's Prince William, Duke of Cambridge, his wife Kate, the Duchess of Cambridge and their children Prince George and Princess Charlotte arrive at the airport in Berlin on July 19, 2017. The British royal couple is on a three-day-visit in Germany Getty

"It gets a bit hectic, I'm not going to lie, with a two-year-old you have to take the phone away," she added. "It's quite hectic for them all to say the right thing at the right time without pressing the wrong buttons. But it's great and it's nice to keep in touch with everybody."