Prince Harry showed he is done trying to heal his rift with King Charles III and Prince William in a clip taken from his promotional interview for "Spare" with Tom Bradby.

Speaking to The Sun, body language expert Judi James said that the 38-year-old appeared defeated when he admitted to wanting a "family, not an institution." He also said of his father and older brother, "They've shown absolutely no willingness to reconcile."

"He says there is 'no willingness to reconcile' with a dismissive left shoulder shrug, some staccato blinks, and head shakes, as though he's given up trying," the expert explained adding, "His hands do perform a ritual that suggests a desire to self-calm and self-reassure though as he rubs his thumbs together and crosses them."

James likewise claimed that Prince Harry showed anger instead of sadness when he told Bradby, "I would like to get my father back. I would like to have my brother back."

He allegedly uttered these words "with challenge and some hint of anger rather than sadness and regret." She pointed at how his chin raised and then dropped "with his expression landing in something resembling a sulk."

James said, "This does not look like a throwing out of the arms in a gesture of reconciliation, rather a determination for things to be done on his own terms."

In a separate interview with the publication, the body language expert alleged that the Duke of Sussex also showed gestures that he wants to play the "bean-spilling victim" when he talked about being portrayed as the villain. James said he was wide-eyed and had his eyebrows raised while he held his hands out in the air, palms-up, "to suggest openness and explanation."

As well as his chat with Bradby, Prince Harry also talked about "Spare" in his interview on CBS' "60 Minutes" with Anderson Cooper. In it, he talked about the many times he tried to privately settle his issues with the royal family, and each time he tried, there would be the palace briefings and leaks against him and Meghan Markle. He said the royals betrayed him and his wife with their silence and refusal to protect them from the British tabloids.

Anderson Cooper and Prince Harry
Prince Harry speaks to Anderson Cooper about his memoir "Spare." 60 Minutes/Twitter