Prince Harry
Prince Harry turned heads as he took to the streets of Wandsworth with the young people from Running Charity AFP/Getty Images

Prince Harry joined a group of young homeless people out jogging for charity.

The 32-year-old royal joined young people and volunteers from the Running Charity, which helps young people develop life skills through sport.

Donning a pair of shorts, tights and trainers, the young royal turned heads as he hit the streets of Willesden Green, north London, for the 17-minute run, with the youngsters and a Met Police protection officer in tow.

Programme officer Claude Umuhire, 26, took the runners through a strenuous warm-up session before they set off for a gentle run.

The prince beamed as he spotted a photo of his mother the late Princess Diana posing with runners from the charity. Recreating the picture, he also stopped to pose for a photo with the staff and runners.

Prince Harry
Prince Harry warms-up before the run AFP/Getty Images

Umuhire revealed that the prince stopped traffic as he ran through the busy high street. "And as we were leaving, there was a guy at the traffic lights who looked across and did a double take – the joy in his face it was so funny, his eyes just opened up, he was so happy."

Prince Harry
Prince Harry beams as he spots a photo of his mother the late Princess Diana AFP/Getty Images

He added that Prince Harry was more than ready for the challenge.

"He didn't find any of it hard, I think he's been training just for today. He found everything easy, I tried to get him in the warm-up but he did pretty well, he kept giving me looks though every time I said five squats," said Umuhire.

Prince Harry
Prince Harry recreated a photo of his mother as he posed with staff and runners AFP/Getty Images

However, the royal reportedly joked that it was all a bit too strenuous for his liking. "Next time I will come and play pool maybe," he said.

The charity is working with some of the residents from a hostel founded by the Depaul charity according to BBC News.