Prince Harry on 30 September joined a group of injured veterans participating in a 1,000-mile trek through the UK. The 31-year-old royal met up with the Walking with the Wounded group to participate in a 17-mile portion of their Walk of Britain trek.

Prior to the walk, the prince said he was "hugely looking forward" to joining the team during their "formidable" challenge. According to Sky News, Harry was seen talking with his fellow veterans, which included six wounded male and female veterans who are walking from Scotland to London in 72 days.

The team of wounded veterans have all suffered serious injuries, physical and mental, due to their time as servicemen and women, Sky News reported. The trek began on 22 August and will end at Buckingham Palace on 1 November.

"The support has been amazing," Harry told PEOPLE of the walk. "People come out to give money, and then when they hear what it's for they put in another £20 in." He added: "You just have to chat to these guys for five minutes to appreciate what they can still contribute."

Prince Harry, who will be hosting his Invictus Games for wounded veterans in Orlando, Florida in May, said he wants to put a focus on the unseen injuries that can affect members of the armed forces. "What's important is to recognise that the mental health support for these guys, former servicemen and women, is there," he said. "They have served their country. They have put their lives on the line for their country."

The former Army captain added during an interview with ITV that he is committed to veterans' causes. "The main focus for the rest of my life is to make sure these guys get the best support possible," the red-headed royal said.

"I love spending time with these guys," he continued. "I like to think I know roughly what they're going through as well. It's hard to say that, because everyone is unique, but the main focus, from my point of view, for the rest of my life anyway is to make sure they get the best support possible because I know, and more people are starting to see, how valuable they are within society. Whether it's in this country, or the USA, they are the best people on this planet to bring people together, to improve communities. I think it's something people need to take notice of."