Prince Harry and Meghan Markle hosted a special edition of Time 100 Talks on Tuesday. The couple appeared from their Santa Barbara home for the conversation.

The royal couple donned glamorous outfits for the appearance for the special episode that featured experts, advocates, online creators, and journalists. They brought together Reddit and co-founder of 776 Alexis Ohanian, Rappler CEO and executive editor Maria Ressa, Center for Humane Technology president and co-founder Tristan Harris, founder of The Loveland Foundation Rachel Cargle, author, and co-director of the UCLA Center for Critical Internet Inquiry Safiya U. Noble, researcher Renée DiResta, and Somewhere Good founder Naj Austin for an important conversation. In addition, they welcomed the young hosts of the Teenager Therapy podcast.

The focus of the conversation was the "state of our digital world" and what does it mean for our emotional and mental wellbeing at this point in time. The Duchess of Sussex talked about the complexities and challenges of social media these days.

"It can feel really overwhelming to try to understand all the nuance of what happens online. It is all-encompassing and it affects us at a multi-faceted level," she said. "And so we started with professors and experts in the field, with defectors from some of the largest platforms, neurologists — people to really help us view it through a holistic approach. And in that there have been relationships, and now friendships, that we have formed with a lot of these people who have a shared goal of wanting to make this space healthier and better for all of us."

Meanwhile, the Duke of Sussex went on to address the "global crisis of hate" due to the online world.

"What is happening in the online world is affecting the world. It is not restricted to certain platforms or certain social media conversations or groups. This is a global crisis—a global crisis of hate, a global crisis of misinformation, and a global health crisis," Prince Harry said.

In addition, the couple gave an update about family life in their new home. They said that they are enjoying the time they are spending with their one-year-old son Archie and cherishing the moments seeing him achieve important milestones.

"For us, we're trying to embrace all of the quality time we get with our son right now and to not miss a single moment of his growth and development, which has been really special," Meghan said.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle
The Duke and the Duchess of Sussex. John Phillips/Getty Images

It is said that the duke and the duchess were included in the talks around the theme development and selection of guests. Meghan wore a black blazer that she paired up with a white blouse. And Harry chose a formal look with a navy coat and matching white shirt.