An argument allegedly occurred between Prince Harry and Prince William when the latter confronted his brother about the allegations that Meghan Markle bullied Kensington Palace aides.

The French docuseries "Red Line: William and Harry, the Enemy Brothers" is disclosing new details on how the relationship between the brothers crumbled. Speaking on the programme, royal author Pierrick Geais suggested that their rift hit its peak after palace staff accused the Duchess of Sussex of bullying.

The biographer, who wrote "Prince William: La vraie vie d'un futur roi (The Real Life of a Future King)," claimed Prince William had wanted to know the truth behind the allegations. He called his brother on the phone but to his astonishment, received a cold response instead.

"William, who already didn't like his sister-in-law very much, became furious. He called Harry directly, and Harry slammed the phone down," Geais said as quoted by The Sun.

Prince Harry allegedly refused to talk to his brother on the phone because he "didn't want to know anything." But Prince William was determined. Geais revealed that in the end, the Duke of Cambridge "jumped in a car towards Kensington Palace, where he was going to confront Prince Harry."

The bullying accusations surfaced in 2021, but the incidents allegedly happened in 2018 when the Duke and Duchess of Sussex were still working royals. There are allegations that she reduced aides to tears and some were forced to quit their jobs.

Meghan Markle has since denied that she bullied palace aides out of Kensington Palace. Meanwhile, Buckingham Palace has since completed a probe into the claims.

Unfortunately, the findings will not be made public. Queen Elizabeth II privately funded the investigation and so it is her decision whether to publicise the result or not.

As for Prince Harry and Prince William, royal experts suspect that the brothers will never be able to reclaim their once-close bond. The damage has reportedly been done and the French programme even holds Meghan Markle responsible for the breakdown of the brothers' relationship. The documentary blames "the behaviour of Meghan for being at the heart of the break-up between William and Harry."

Meghan Markle, Prince Harry and Prince William
Prince Harry in 2019 revealed that he had grown apart from his older brother William Photo: AFP / Tolga AKMEN