Prince William has said that there is a need for greater initiatives to protect children from online bullying. He told the London 2016 Founders Forum, a conference and networking event for leading digital and technological entrepreneurs, that as a father of two young children, he is concerned about the issues of cyberbullying and trolling on the internet and their often tragic consequences.

"As Catherine and I started our family a few years ago, I was alarmed about the increasing reports of online bullying that were making headlines around the world," he said.

"From the girls developing eating disorders after being subjected to a campaign of abuse on social media, to the teenage boys who took their own lives following constant targeting – as a parent myself, I was appalled.

"What we were seeing was that social media and messaging had transformed bullying from something that was not only the torment of the classroom and playground, but something that followed you home as well – to the one safe haven that children should have."

Prince William called on the digital industry to increase its efforts to develop technology to protect young people online and support his cyberbullying task force.

"We have a lot of work ahead of us, but by this time next year we expect to have a plan in place to achieve fundamental improvements in online safety for bullied children. To school-age children today, there is no difference between their online and offline lives. Bullying is bullying, wherever it happens."

The Duke of Cambridge said that despite the downsides, modern technology plays an intrinsic role in modern and even in royal life.

"I must admit, like most people my age, I'd struggle without my smartphone – for news, sports, music and the odd bit of gaming. And technology is a big part of my working life, too. As an air ambulance pilot, I love the fact that the helicopter I fly is fitted out with some of the life-saving medical equipment; and I consider social media to be central to how the Royal Family communicates in the 21st century.

"A lot is said publicly about the challenges that new technologies – particularly the Internet – can create for people, in terms of the spread of extremism, invasions into our privacy, and the security of our data.

"Social media has also been the subject of scrutiny, for the way in which it can create a platform for trolling and other vicious behaviour. But while new technology can of course create new problems, it is my belief that innovation in technology is a force for good, and that these advancements can do a lot more good than the harm that is often talked about."

After highlighting the impact of modern technology on daily life, the Prince had an opportunity to experience the latest technological innovations in the form of an interactive robot. The robot which dances and speaks 19 languages has been described by its creators San Jose-based company Flex, as "the most advanced humanoid robot ever created".

However, as he demonstrated his dance moves to Daft Punk's Get Lucky the robot fell over. "You've got to work on his dance moves a little bit," the prince said according to the Mail Online.

The prince also experienced "augmented reality" – or AR – glasses which enable wearers to add information and imagery to your environment and tried out a human-sized drone.

Clearly fascinated by the contraption, Prince William said: "I could sit here and play all day with this. I can't get my head around this, this is unreal."