Prince Harry 30th birthday
July 1, 2007: Princes William and Harry appear on stage during the Concert for Diana at Wembley stadium, on what would have been their mother's 46th birthday AFP

Footage taken from the "Concert for Diana" in 2007 showed Prince William dancing happily and according to body language expert Judi James, he was basking in his freedom following his breakup with Kate Middleton.

The royal was spotted dancing with his arms outstretched and appeared to be embarrassing his younger brother with his awkward dance moves. Chelsy Davy, who was the Duke of Sussex's girlfriend at the time, reportedly noticed his dancing first and "brought William's attention-seeking dance ritual to Harry's notice. Harry turns, straight-faced and his look is very much the look of a teenager whose dad is shaming them during a party."

James said according to the Mirror, "This hilarious clip shows it wasn't always Harry doing the comedy moments in the royal Firm and that older brother William was quite capable of embarrassing Harry with some uninhibited dad-dancing."

She added, "There is the strong hint William is trying to boast to Kate that he is relishing his freedom and is capable of having the most fun time without her."

The body language expert pointed out how Prince William's "elbows are raised in geezer mode and his neck-wobble hints at a touch of rebellion. It must have been the tiniest of swan songs before settling down with Kate though."

Kate Middleton was reportedly seated a few rows back from Prince William and Prince Harry. James explained, "As a signal of making the most of the single, free lad's life it failed hilariously. Kate was there behind him all the time and he clearly wasn't suited to this kind of body language ritual."

Prince Harry seemed to enlist Kate Middleton's help in urging Prince William to stop dancing. He "wipes one hand on his trouser leg to mime sweaty palms and he points to Kate in a bid to get William to stop it."

James said this short interaction between the brothers showed how Prince Harry "is beginning to enjoy adopting a more adult, cool, serious role with his brother. This role was clearly pursued more fully when he met and married Meghan (Markle)."

Prince Harry has been estranged from his family since he and Meghan Markle left their royal duties in 2020. In his interview with ITV's Tom Bradby in January, he revealed that he is no longer on speaking terms with Prince William and King Charles III. He also shared his doubt that they will invite him to the coronation on May 6.