Prince William has been warned to keep his distance from Prince Harry and Meghan Markle amid reports that the couple will likely be invited to King Charles III's coronation.

"ToDiFor Daily" podcast host Kinsey Schofield said that the Prince of Wales is handling the controversy surrounding the duke's memoir "internally." She claimed that the future king is "trying to accept the fact that he lost the brother he knew forever" following the damaging revelations shared in "Spare."

"This is a heartache that he hasn't felt since the loss of his mother... only heightened by a sense of betrayal. The Prince of Wales has inherited his father's temper so [he] prefers not to dwell on the topic because it does make him upset," the royal commentator told Fox News Digital, referencing a passage in the book in which Prince Harry said his brother physically attacked him during a heated argument about Meghan Markle.

Schofield believes that it is better for Prince William to distance himself not just from his sibling but also from the Duchess of Sussex because they are unpredictable.

She explained, "Princess Diana would likely fiercely disagree with me, but I believe that William should keep his distance from Prince Harry. What Harry and Meghan are doing... specifically to William... is selfish and destructive."

Schofield then spoke about King Charles III's coronation in May and her belief that the Sussexes will be invited, "not only because of the PR nightmare a lack of an invite would create, but because Charles genuinely feels Harry's absence would take away from his day." She said she "would not be surprised if both Harry and Meghan attended. They need the monarchy more than they let on."

Buckingham Palace has yet to confirm the guest list for the ceremony at Westminster Abbey on May 6. It is unclear if Prince Harry will get an invite following the damaging revelations he shared about his family in "Spare." He accused his stepmother Camilla of leaking stories to the British tabloids to rehabilitate her image, to name a few. Likewise, King Charles III's coronation also falls on the same day as the fourth birthday of the duke's son Archie.

Harry and his elder brother William are reportedly no longer on speaking terms
Harry and his elder brother William are reportedly no longer on speaking terms AFP News