If Prince William could have his way, he would have reportedly already banished Prince Andrew from royal life. It is said that he considers his uncle's insistence on returning to public life dangerous for the institution.

The Duke of Cambridge is believed to not be a fan of the disgraced royal. A source claimed that he even wishes him to just "vanish" following the scandal and shame he brought on the monarchy.

"He feels very strongly about this and if it had been up to him he would have pushed for things to have happened a lot faster than they did," a friend of the royal told the Daily Mail.

The pal shared that Prince William "has strong views on the Duke of York and believes his insistence in trying to cling on to a public role is highly dangerous for the institution."

The friend claimed that the Duke of Cambridge would have cut" his uncle "loose a long time ago if it had been up to him." However, he understands that Prince Andrew holds a special place in Queen Elizabeth II's heart.

"He understands that when it comes to mother and son the situation is complicated, but honestly I think he just wishes he would vanish from public view," Prince William's pal said.

The Queen stripped Prince Andrew of his royal patronages and military titles in January this year. He has reportedly been visiting his mother at Windsor Castle in a bid to return to public life.

Just recently, Her Majesty gave him her blessing to attend Garter Day in public. But Prince William and his father, Prince Charles, stepped up and spoke against her decision.

It is said that the Duke of Cambridge told his grandmother that he would step back from his duties if the Duke of York will be allowed to return to royal life. The Queen eventually decided to let her son join the private gatherings of Garter Day instead.

Prince William reportedly agrees with Prince Charles on a slimmed-down monarchy. He believes that Prince Andrew should not have a part to play in it ever again.

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